archive_pageReprint your lifecycle announcements in our 90th anniversary edition, coming May 23.

Why should you care about Jewish news?

Because you’re in the paper.

Or if you’re not, someone you know definitely is!

The Jewish Transcript began publishing in 1924 and is still going strong! Join our 90th anniversary celebration by reprinting Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, even birth announcements from over the years!

Just contact us at by May 9 with the date of the event, and we’ll reprint it in our 90th anniversary edition, which comes out May 23, with a special tribute message of your choosing.

Reprints cost only $90, and we’ll donate $18 of that back to your synagogue or a local Jewish organization of your choice.

If you haven’t heard, many of our papers are already online and you can begin your search today! Just visit and search or browse the selection.

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