A final letter from The Jewish Sound’s Publisher and Editor

To our readers and our community,

By the time you read this, I’ll be a few days from my title being changed from Publisher and Editor to Last Man Standing, The Jewish Sound. So I’d like to say some goodbyes and thank yous while I have you.

I’m going to start by saying L’hitraot — until we meet again — to my venerable staff. Over the years our little paper has contracted, then contracted some more, but so many of them stuck it out, always worked hard, and complained little, even in the face of stressful situations like added work, short deadlines, long hours, and the prospect of their jobs coming to an end long before they’d planned. Thank you all — Lynn, Emily, Andrea, Cheryl, Katy, plus those that came before you — for your hard work and dedication.

The same goes for our freelance stable of writers, many of whom got here even before I did. Why you stuck around for such crappy pay and assignments that occasionally put your face on dartboards I’ll never know, but you turned out some excellent work of which we can all be proud.

And finally, I’d like to thank you, our readers and local Jewish organizations, so many of whom I worked with over the years as we covered our vibrant and sometimes edgy community. As a newspaper, we would occasionally celebrate you and occasionally beat you with a stick. Sometimes those hard questions had to be asked. We wouldn’t be a newspaper if we ignored controversy or turned a blind eye to the occasional ugly things that went on. Please know that we did so not out of malice, but in the spirit of making our community the best it can be.

I’m not yet sure where I will go from here, but you’ll see some of the names of our current staff on the new magazine’s masthead. I’m certain that what comes next will reflect the growth and dynamic of this not-so-little town we call home.

Again, thank you.

Joel Magalnick

Publisher & Editor, The Jewish Sound

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  1. Dear Joel and the Board,
    I want to thank you for all that you’ve done for me, as an unaffiliated Jew. You have kept me connected to my community, my Jewish roots, and as a fourth generation Puget Sounder, to the families I grew up with for more than sixty years.

    You very generously continued to send me the newspaper even after I allowed my membership to lapse, which I appreciate more than I can say. I now wish that I had continued to support you financially. This is a very painful reminder of how critically important it is that I provide continuous financial support to all of the small communities that I wish to support.

    I will deeply miss your voice and presence in my life. This is an enormous loss, as there is a essential need for fearless news gathering and reporting if our community is to remain vibrant and for all voices – from the loudest to the quietest — to be heard and respected.

    I wish you all very well and for us to come together to create something new from all that you have built over the lifetime of this newspaper.

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